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Make sense of your child’s behavioral & learning challenges.
Then make changes to shift the trajectory of their life.

Pediatric OT for ADHD in Jacksonville Beach, FL 


This program is for frustrated parents who are facing big challenges around a bright child who struggles to function with ADHD or ODD.

  • Are you worried that your child will get kicked out of school due to academic, social, and behavioral issues?

  • Do you feel judged and embarrassed by how your child acts?

  • Do you feel lost about how to help your child?

  • Are you constantly nagging your child to do seemingly simple things?

  • Is everything is a struggle, from getting out the door in the morning to dealing with a sour mood at the end of the day?

  • Are you scared to go places because of meltdowns, unpredictable behavior, and the judgment of others?

We understand how frustrating it is to watch your child struggle with routine activities.   

At Beaches Nature Therapy, we take families from blame and shame to understanding and addressing your child’s behavior based on how their brain works. 

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Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

(904) 325-7560

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