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Offering therapy groups and individual OT for kids in Jacksonville Beach, FL

Specializing in ADHD, behavioral, and executive functioning challenges

Our clients walk away with skills and resources to better manage the symptoms of ADHD. Ultimately, our fun hands-on program is the key to children learning self-awareness, problem-solving skills, and impulse control for better days at home, school, and family outings. 


Improving life by empowering kids to:​

  • Manage big emotions

  • Relate to others

  • Problem solve 

  • Build body awareness  


  • Groups are comprised of 3-4 kids receiving OT plus 1-2 peer playmates

  • Focus on:

    • Attention

    • Confidence and self esteem

    • Sensory processing 

    • Social interactions

    • Motor skills

  • OT kids will receive:

    • OT evaluation

    • Collaborative goals

    • Weekly 90 minutes OT group sessions

    • Activities planned by licensed OT to address goals

    • Weekly email with info on session activities

    • 30 minute parent consultation with OT

  • Peer playmates receive:

    • 90 minutes nature based play activities weekly​

    • Weekly email with info on session activities

From harsh labels and misunderstandings to solutions based on your child’s unique way of thinking. 

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OT groups take place in Atlantic Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra, and Nocatee


Our 12-week program reflects the commitment, process, and cooperation it takes to change behaviors and build skills for a life that’s positive and bright. 

​Our process includes: 

A Comprehensive Evaluation focused on understanding the reasons for behavioral, learning, and emotional challenges. 


Therapy Program over 12 weeks that includes tackling urgent concerns and providing skill development. Both clinic and outdoor sessions are available. 

Parent Empowerment through resources and therapist communication. We’re on your team to help you understand and respond to your child.

Specialized pediatric occupational therapy brings flow, joy, and calm to your life as a parent of a child with ADHD.  


Individual OT takes place outdoors in Atlantic Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra or Nocatee 

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