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What we are about at Beaches Nature Therapy

When others see a kid who is lazy, defiant, or problematic, we see a good kid who is missing essential skills around executive functioning. 

Beaches Nature Therapy serves kids & teens with ADHD and behavioral challenges. Through groups and individual OT, we improve problem-solving, impulse control, body awareness, and social relationships. 


Parents hire Beaches Nature Therapy to bring peace and joy to households struggling to meet the needs of a child with ADHD. Through a combination of skill building and support, children with ADHD learn to move through emotions in healthy ways. They problem-solve more independently, control impulses, and connect to their bodies. Beaches Nature Therapy offers a range of options including group, individual, nature-based, and in-clinic. 

Kristi Hinckley, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist and Founder

My expertise is in finding positive solutions for behavioral challenges experienced by kids with ADHD and ODD. My quest to expand the impact of my services led me out of my job in the schools and into opening my own private practice. Now I guide families on how to trade reward charts, blame and defeat for the joy and empowerment of hands-on skill building in groups, nature, and body-brain education. 


Diagnosed with ADHD myself, I’m no stranger to the impact of this work. When I was growing up, I struggled to feel accepted and understood as a result of my ADHD. Fortunately for me, my mom never stopped believing in my potential or ability to learn. Now I’m on a mission to see other misunderstood kids get the support and encouragement they need to succeed.

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Mallory Higgins, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist 

Mallory is a nature enthusiast and dog mom!  She graduated from Florida State University and The University of St. Augustine.  She has a strong interest in sensory integration and loves helping kids feel confident and capable!

 Mallory is certified in the Ayres Sensory Integration model and has advanced training in primitive reflex integration, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and learning disabilities.

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Our Mission 

On a mission to change how ADHD is understood and managed so unwanted behaviors and missing skills don’t dampen the potential of remarkable kids. 

Our mission aims to show parents that punishments and rewards aren't working because you’re asking a kid to do something their brain doesn't have the ability to do. That’s what makes it so important to start by addressing foundational thinking skills and building a positive self-image.

Our Values

Confidence is built, not earned.


We actively celebrate and amplify the good inside and strengths of every kid. Remembering that people start to believe about themselves what they’re told, we build kids up as the kind, bright, and capable individuals they already are. 


Prioritize What Matters in the Big Picture.


Our work is about more than surface-level skills or fun activities. We’re changing the trajectory of lives by focusing on what creates family peace, better relationships, positive self-image, and the thinking skills for safety and success in life. 


Belonging and connection.


We’re committed to extending belonging and connection to everyone we work with. That means kids belong here even if they struggle to follow the rules, act differently than others, or need support to move through big emotions. 

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