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Intensive Sensory Integration Therapy 

Individualized Intensives for Maximum Growth

Pediatric occupational therapy intensives provide the repetition your child needs to create big changes in a short amount of time.  Sensory integration intensives typically involve 3-5 treatment sessions per week for 4-6 weeks.

This level of intense intervention uses the brain's incredible neuroplasticity to create meaningful changes that lasts.  

A sensory integration intensive is right for: 

  • Kids with significant sensory integration challenges

  • Families with a limited time frame to attend therapy

  • Kids who have plateaued in traditional occupational therapy

Expected benefits of sensory integration intensive include: 

  • Improved self regulation

  • Increased body awareness

  • Better coordination and balance

  • Reduced anxiety and stress

  • Better participation in daily activities

  • Improved relationships with family and peers

Process to get started: 

  1. Book a free consult call to determine if an intensive is right for your family.

  2. Schedule an evaluation.

  3. Evaluation results are reviewed with family and plan created.

  4. Schedule weekly appointments.

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