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Plans and Pricing Packages

Peer Playmate

100% outdoor, technology free activities

12 weeks of sessions designed and led by pediatric OT

18 hours of nature based programming

$150 per month

Group OT Services

Collaborative OT goals

12 weeks of nature based interventions designed by OT

18 hours of group occupational therapy services

Up to 3 hours of consultation with parents/caregivers

Weekly email with group updates, pictures, and home ideas

Updates on goals at end of semester

Payment plans available

Qualifies as a medical service for seeking reimbursement from FSA plans or as out of network insurance claim

Family Empowerment Scholarship (formerly Gardiner) accepted

$300per month


$100 registration fee/supply fee required for all plans. 

$200 OT evaluation fee is required for OT services if the child has not had an OT evaluation within the last 6 months.

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